Inman City Council minutes released

By Barbara Tuxhorn
January 13, 2021

INMAN -- Inman City Council met in regular session Monday, January 11, 2021, at 7 p.m. at the Community Building. In attendance were Don Froese, Mike Gilzinger, Scott Schriner, Dennis Schroeder, Dave Thiessen, and Jim Toews, mayor, with a quorum present. Toews called the meeting to order following the Pledge of Allegiance. Others in attendance: Rod Boerger; Bobby Herron; Diane Miller; Jim Strawn; Steve Carty; Nick Reinecker; Neal Schierling and Barbara Tuxhorn. 

PublicInput - A) Strawn advised that if he builds a house using the city's $14,500 incentive money, the cost of a home like the current homes would cost $180-$190,000 due to cost increases and special assessments on the lots. He does not want to build a spec home. B) Neal Schierling, volunteer fire chief, asked if the city: 1) is interested in buying the fire department building if they build a new one; 2) could build a fire department and sell it to them as a 10-year lease/purchase; 3) would replace some hydrants and flow test all fire hydrants at least every two years to help reduce commercial insurance rates; and 4) would allow storage of their steel cargo containers at Elm & Morgan. The council expressed interest in purchasing their building as a police department and for equipment storage. 

Additions to Agenda- 1) Schriner asked when meetings can return to the city office. The current McPherson County Health Dept. recommendation is a limit of 15 people where social distancing is not possible. 2) Toews asked to discuss increasing trash charges due to losing 1% in the trash fund in 2020. Added under the “Utilities” section. 

Minutes-Schroeder motioned to approve the minutes of the 12/14/2020 meeting. Schriner seconded. Passed 5-0. 

Payment of Bills- After questions were answered, Froese motioned to approve the corrected Appropriation Ordinance 2020-12 for Dec. checks 16598 to 16619 and Appropriation Ordinance 2021-01 for Jan. checks 16620 to 16646. Thiessen seconded. Passed 5-0. The governing body received copies of various Dec. cash and budgetary reports and the reconciled bank statement. 

Interfund Transfer- Thiessen motioned to approve the interfund transfer presented. Schroeder seconded. Passed 5-0. 

Police - Froese motioned to recess into executive session at 7:59 pm to converse with Stan Juhnke for 15 minutes regarding a privileged attorney-client issue per KSA 75-4319(b)(2) with staff present. Schriner seconded. Passed 5-0. Regular session resumed at 8:14 pm with no action taken. Herron supports purchasing the fire department for the police department and shop storage. 

Utilities/Streets/Parks- Boerger reported on utility and maintenance work. The two generators were serviced. Inspection reports on the water towers recommended several improvements on the south tower. Discussed raising trash rates as we lost 1% in the trash fund in 2020. 

Zoning- No zoning permits were issued in December, for a total of 49 permits in 2020 (three new houses). Schroeder motioned to reappoint Michael Brunk and Jeff Regehr to 3-year terms on the Planning Commission, ending 12/31/2023. Gilzinger seconded. Passed 5-0. 

Clerk- Froese motioned to approve Resolution 2021-01, waiving the GAAP requirement of KSA 75-1120a(a) as it applies to the city's financial statements ending 12/31/2020. Schroeder seconded. Passed 5-0. Thiessen motioned to appoint Tuxhorn as the designated 101-3 non-attest person capable to prepare the 2020 financial statements. Schriner seconded. Passed 5-0. Froese motioned to appoint Schriner to review the financial statements. Schroeder seconded. Passed 5-0. Froese motioned to accept the 12/31/2020 fixed asset lists with one correction on the PD list. Thiessen seconded. Passed 5-0. Thiessen motioned to provide a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment and $1  per hour raise to all full-time employees effective 01/04/2021. Froese seconded. Passed 5-0. Schriner motioned to provide a 3% COLA and $0.50 per hour raise for part-time employees beginning 

01/04/2021. Gilzinger seconded. Passed 5-0. Discussed considering an annual COLA and possibly changing the personnel policy to eliminate the first annual 2% raises. Schroeder motioned to approve the 3/01/2021 Blue Cross/Blue Shield health and dental insurance policy. Gilzinger seconded. Passed 5-0. Schroeder motioned to extend Green's 51 hours vacation carryover until 8/1/2021. Thiessen seconded. Passed 5-0. Department head evaluations will be done on 2/8/21 from 5:30 to 7 pm. in executive session. Froese motioned to increase Boerger's phone stipend to $50 per month effective 8/5/2019. Thiessen seconded. Passed 5-0. Thiessen motioned to approve the 2021 government software contract with Custom Micro Works for $3,400. Schroeder seconded. Passed 5-0. 

Unfinished Business- Mill and dilapidated structures- The city attorney will set a special meeting and invite a property owner. The council will meet January 20 at 7 a.m. to discuss a nuisance issue. 

The next regular meeting will be Feb. 8, 2020 at 7p.m. with the council meeting in executive session at 5:30 pm to conduct department heads evaluations, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Schriner motioned to adjourn at 10:03 p.m. Froese seconded. Passed 5-0.