BPU reminds homeowners of water line obligations

By Nick Gosnell
December 09, 2013

The McPherson Board of Public Utilities has received reports that homeowners in McPherson have gotten letters from a company interested in insuring the water line from after the BPU meter to their home. BPU Assistant General Manager Mark Wurm explained at the City Commission that the line upstream of BPU's meter is the homeowner's responsibility.

Wurm said, "I just wanted to affirm that (the letter) is not from BPU. I don't think we bless it or don't bless it or anything. We simply offer the water up to the water meter. From the water meter to the home is the homeowner's line to maintain. It is the homeowner's responsibility. As I understand (the letter) is offering to insure that. That is up to the homeowner to make a determination."

If you have any questions on your BPU bill, you can call their customer service line at (620) 245-2515.