McPherson Middle School wins $25,000 from US Cellular

By Nick Gosnell
December 10, 2013

McPherson Middle School is getting $25,000 from US Cellular as part of its Calling All Communities campaign. The news was revealed in a video as part of an assembly Tuesday morning at McPherson Middle School. McPherson Middle School principal Brad Plackemeier explained that the school will use the money for technology.

Plackemeier said, "We're looking at bringing in more technology for student use. Currently, we have Ipads, laptops and some Ipods. We're looking at Google Chromebooks, potentially. Something else to get in (the school) to where if a class wants to use technology, they would have it accessible that day. Right now, sometimes you have a one or two day wait (to use technology)."

McPherson USD 418 Superintendent Randy Watson wanted to thank the community for their support in the vote. McPherson finished 5th overall in the vote. The top 20 vote getters received money.

Watson said, "First of all, I want to thank (local U.S. Cellular owner) Levi Sides. He's a good McPherson graduate. It was really his idea to come to us with this, and then like McPherson does, we banded together, parents, grandparents and the community and finished 5th. We want to thank US Cellular and thank all the parents and grandparents and all the community that voted for this."

McPherson Middle School was the first Kansas school to win in the Calling All Communities campaign.