McPherson leash law clarified

By Nick Gosnell
December 16, 2013

The McPherson City Commission passed unanimously on Monday some clarifications to the city's leash law for dogs. McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty clarified for the public what off leash means in McPherson.

McClarty said, "You can't have your dogs running at large even if you are in close proximity."

In other words, all dogs in McPherson must be on a leash, tether or chain when outside, controlled by the owner or a responsible party.

McClarty added, "It's not just addressing dogs that escape through a hole in the fence or under a fence or out the front door, because they have learned how to open the front door. It's also dogs that are not being maintained by a leash while they are being walked by the owner."

According to the ordinance, the owner, keeper or harborer of any dog found running at large shall be guilty of a class C violation, punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment for a term of up to 30 days.

First Offense: Fifty Dollars

Second Offense: One Hundred Dollars

Third Offense: One Hundred Fifty Dollars

Fourth Offense: Two Hundred Fifty Dollars

Fifth Offense: Five Hundred Dollars

The number of prior offenses as referenced refers to the owner of the dog found running at large and not the dog. In other words, if an owner has multiple animals, and each one gets out at separate times, the fines accrue the same as a single animal getting out multiple times.

Offenses for the purpose of this ordinance will begin being tracked January 1, 2014.