McPherson Police Chief notes burglary increase

By Nick Gosnell
January 06, 2014

McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty spoke at Monday's City Commission meeting about an increase in burglaries in McPherson and McPherson County.

McClarty said, "Over the last sixty days, burglaries have substantially picked up across McPherson County and the City of McPherson. Burglaries are including everything from businesses, storage sheds, garages and residences."

McClarty advised the public to lock all exterior doors and garages or sheds when not in use and lock vehicles and secure valuables inside out of sight rather than leaving them in your car. He also advised logging the serial numbers of any valuable items, so you know what you have in case you are a victim. He also stressed the importance of illuminating your yard at night if you can.

"Bad guys don't seem to like lights. Illuminate your outside of your house, your yards. Make sure your things are locked up and hopefully we can begin to catch some of these people in the act."

In order to catch them in the act, though, they need citizens to call if they see unusual activity. If you see something, say something. Call 911 if you see suspicious activity.