Halinski's 300 game was his 26th

By Steve Sell
January 09, 2014

It’s almost borderline ridiculous how many 300 games McPherson’s Herb Halinski has bowled.

With his latest 300 game on Wednesday at Starlite Lanes, Halinski now has bowled a mind-boggling 26 perfect games.

That’s right, 26.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Halinski, who also is the bowling coach for McPherson High. “It had been a couple of years since I shot 300. I had 299 twice last year. I have been bowling pretty well this year.”

As always, Halinski deflected the credit to others.

“Starlite Lanes has had a consistent condition and it has held up,” Halinski said. “I have drilled up all new equipment this year and Skip (Wilson) has done a great job laying out and drilling my balls.”