Picking this week's NFL playoff games

By Steve Sell
January 10, 2014

Due to time constraints, an overwhelming amount of work to do and my deteriorating health issues today, here are my quick picks for the NFL playoff games this weekend...

• Saturday • 

Seattle 27, New Orleans 20 — I was somewhat surprised by how well the Saints played on the road last week at Philadelphia, but it’s asking too much to do that again, especially in the raucous and hostile atmosphere of Seattle, which has overtaken Kansas City as the loudest outdoor stadium in the country.

New England 28, Indianapolis 24 — I had New England making the Super Bowl against San Francisco at the start of the year, so I had better keep riding that horse. You have to wonder if the Colts have any emotional energy left after their near-historic comeback last week against Kansas City.

• Sunday •

San Francisco 21, Carolina 17 — If I’m staying on the New England bandwagon, the same rules apply for San Francisco. Every year it seems like a team catches fire at the right time (see Baltimore last year) and makes that dramatic run to the title. The 49ers could be that team this year.

Denver 34, San Diego 28 — It’s improbable that San Diego can beat the Broncos twice in Denver in the same season. I’m not sure if the Chargers were that good last week, or the Bengals just didn’t show up. I’m rooting for Denver, if for nothing else I have a hard time stomaching San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers and his cocky attitude. I’m not a big fan of cocky people.