BPU General Manager warns of potential scam for utility customers

By Nick Gosnell
January 13, 2014

BPU General Manager Tim Maier told the McPherson City Commission about an email his office received from the BPU's billing service provider this week warning of a new scam out there for utility customers across the country.

Maier said, "They have had several of their customers call them and people are trying to scam utility customers, and get them to essentially give them credit card numbers or pay a bogus bill via credit card over the phone."

"Evidently the caller will impersonate a utility company and tell the person their bill is due and tell them to give them a credit card number or they are going to get shut off."

The BPU does not use this practice.

Maier said, "I would encourage people, if they get calls like that, to call the utility. Our phone number is 245-2515. You don't have to remember that, just look on your utility bill."

Maier also suggested that you call the police department if you feel the contact is in error.

Maier said, "Make sure you check into it before you give out your credit card number. The utility would not do that. We do not call and ask for your credit card number."

Again, if you have any questions on your BPU bill, call them at (620) 245-2515.