Front Porch Project progressing

By Nick Gregory, City Administrator
January 24, 2014

The City of McPherson has recently received numerous questions on recent appearance of large limestone rocks along US-56/Kansas Avenue and on the roundabout located at 1st Street and Centennial Avenue. 

The limestone rocks are part of a project that has been in works for the last two years being called the “Front Porch Project”. 

The Project is designed to beautify the Interstate Entrance to the McPherson and communicate to travelers stopping along Interstate 135 that there are many sites to see throughout the McPherson Community.

The concept for the Front Porch Project was developed by a Task Force assigned by Mayor Thomas Brown. The City of McPherson has received donations from various donors for the beautification project with a goal of using no tax dollars other than city labor for the project and securing all donations for purchase of associated materials.

So far the project has secured $122,500 in private donations, in-kind labor, and/or commitments.   The City continues to seek additional donations to further enhance the planned improvements.

The Front Porch Project consists of three key elements.   The first piece is the limestone rocks that are near the interstate would welcome visitors and provide directional information for various locations across the City.

Currently, those large stones have been place along the interstate and the graphics for these signs are currently in process of being developed. 

The second part is placing the large decorative stones on the roundabout.  These stones have been set on the roundabout, but have not been placed in their permanent spot. 

Careful consideration is being given to permanent placement of the stones in an effort to continue to provide adequate traffic visibility for the roundabout. 

The City is waiting on a crane operator to finish a job in Hutchinson, and the goal is to have the stones placed in their permanent positions by the end of February. 

Along with the rocks in the roundabout there will be wind sculptures that will be placed at a later date as well.  The last phase is an archway that will be placed on Kansas Avenue and the plans are to have that archway completed within the next year. 

If you have any more questions or concerns about this project feel free to contact Mayor Tom Brown ([email protected]) or myself( [email protected])  at the City of McPherson.  Both can be reached by phone at (620) 245-2535.