MHS bowlers outstanding on Friday, Saturday

By Steve Sell
January 26, 2014

What a two days it was for the McPherson High bowling teams.

The Bullpups swept their home opener Friday in triangular action at Starlite Lanes against Mulvane and Cheney, then the boys captured first place Saturday in the Great Plains Classic in Wichita.

The girls finished a respectable fifth out of 24 teams Saturday.

“Friday was our home opener and it went pretty much as expected,” MHS coach Herb Halinski said. “We had some highs and some lows, but all and all it was a good day. Brett Hartzell and Crystal Nutter did a great job. There were a lot a nerves from Carl Frazier, Jeff Reed and Rhianna Smith as it was their first home varsity meet of their career for MHS bowling.  Alexis Kieffer was a great surprise on the JV girls’ side.”

At Wichita, the MHS boys never lost a match after they advanced to the Elite Eight and wound up beating Great Bend for the championship.

“All the kids have really come together as a team and support each other on every shot,” Halinski said. “I am extremely proud of each young man and lady.”

Saturday’s meet had an unusual format.

“It was a really interesting start as they were bowling on the USBC White sport pattern,” Halinski said. “Sport patterns are a lot more challenging than bowling a normal league night.  Lanes are dressed with a conditioner that you can not see, so you really don't know what ball to use or where to stand on the approach to deliver a shot.  If you were on a golf course you know the hole distance and know where the hazards are. We had talked about the pattern and where it should be played, but nerves got the kids during practice.”

Both teams qualified seventh, but then made their move once it got into the bracket format.

“Joel Morey and Carl Frazier led the boys team during qualifying,” Halinski said. “Crystal Nutter and Makenzie Benson led the girls team during the girls qualifying portion in the morning.”

Nutter wound up sixth overall and Morey was ninth, but MHS showed its team strength.

Here are the MHS results from Friday:

• Varsity boys — MHS, 2,300; Mulvane 1,992; Cheney  1,951.

MHS scores — Jacob Helmer, 134-156-202— 507; Brett Hartzell, 233-168-223– 624; Carl Frazier, 172-175-162— 509; Joel Morey, 203-163-226 — 592; Jeff Reed, 178-176-155 — 509; Austin Mitchell, 174-154-179 — 507.

 • JV boys — MHS 1,784, Mulvane, 1,762, Cheney, no score.

MHS scores — Jacob Krehbiel, 156-197-152— 505; KC Becker, 127-123-160— 410; Christian Behrens, 122-112-113 — 347; Justin Walker, 139-158-164— 460; Steve Huerta, 130-130-92— 352; Andrew Almquist, 135-151-112 — 398.

• MHS C scores (no team totals) — Allon Taylor, 158-128-105— 391; Jimmy Fortner 128-100-90— 318; Israel Moyer, 81-115-85— 281.


• Varsity girls — MHS, 2,203; Mulvane, 1,960; Cheney, 1,814.

MHS scores — Jasmine Wann, 162-178-136 — 476; Mayce Nightingale, 179-177-194 — 550; Crystal Nutter, 201-226-166 — 593; Makenzie Benson, 184-166-208 — 558; Rhianna Smith, 156-122-162 — 440; Abby Hughes, 126-135-133 — 394.

• JV girls — MHS, 1,778; Mulvane, 1325; Cheney, 1,297.

MHS scores — Bailey Holton, 119-146-172— 437; Moli Metheny, 122-135-117— 374; Alexis Kieffer, 177-157-159 — 493; Ashley LaSalle, 131-138-176 — 445; Echo Miller, 123-115-142 — 380; Amanda Miller, 123-84-126 — 332.

• MHS C (no team totals) — Kalynn Chick, 94-121-116 — 331; Bailie Elvin, 172-124-177 — 473; Berkeley Jackson, 125-104-124— 353.