City Commission approves Loves Zoning change, objection noted from nearby homeowner

By Nick Gosnell
January 27, 2014

The McPherson City Commission took the next step toward allowing a new Love's Travel Center just off I-135 at Exit 60 in McPherson, but not without some objection from a homeowner close to the proposed site.

Dallas Huber, who lives at 1346 17th Avenue, right across the road to the east of the proposed site, had comments for the Commission at Monday's meeting.

"We were broken into in 1995. My wife was forced from our home for fear of her life. There's just a lot of different concerns I have. I have nothing against Love's. Honestly, I think Love's runs a great business. Their business model is great. They've got 300 stores. Why they need one more, I really don't know, but we don't need a truck stop here."

Mayor Tom Brown made it clear that, though the city is allowing the project to go forward through the zoning phase, the city did not agree to this in an effort to make money. "There is nothing that has looked at this from the standpoint, we're going to benefit revenue-wise to do this. I think we will, I'm not saying that we won't, but that was not a driving force, and we did not solicit Love's to here as a city."

The City Commission did vote unanimously to change the property from a county zoning district to a city zoning district, but Love's still needs to submit a planned unit development plan and a site plan and have those both approved before any construction can take place, and there will be a public hearing before the Planning Commission when those cases come up.