BPU doing pilot project in McPherson to convert from overhead to underground power lines

By Nick Gosnell
January 28, 2014

A portion of the City of McPherson is going to underground power lines from overhead power lines.  

McPherson BPU General Manager Tim Maier said, "The physical location starts at Elizabeth Street and is between Oak and Fisher and essentially goes two blocks south. Every time we have a major wind storm or ice storm, we spend a lot of resources down there. It's very difficult to get to it. It's difficult to do tree trimming in that area because there is no alley."

All the primary facilities will be moved, as will the secondary up to the point where it goes from the pole to the house. Then it becomes the homeowner's responsibility.

Maier said, "Ideally, the homeowner would choose to make that conversion from the pole to the house. If they will supply us with a conduit, we would put in the conductor."

The BPU is using a contractor out of Topeka to explore gaining easements in the area for the conversion and hopes that process will begin in the next couple of weeks. The area has been surveyed and the legal descriptions have been written. There are no easements for that purpose underground in that area currently.