Snow Removal Efforts

By Jeff Woodward
February 05, 2014

The following update is for a report on snow clean-up efforts from the snow accumulations experienced on February 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Street clean-up crews pretreated the major arterials before the snow event and have worked continuously to clear the Class “A” and Class “B” routes which are the major arterials and collector routes in McPherson.

Crews also started to clear the Class “C” or residential streets in the City. Street Crews expect to finish residential streets and cul-de-sacs later today (Feb 5).

We continue to monitor and salt/sand the intersections to aid in safe traffic movement.

City workers who worked around the clock are to be commended for their efforts to get most streets and public parking lots cleaned off. Citizens and volunteers who assisted their neighbors in snow removal for sidewalks and private drives have illustrated the strong community spirit and neighborly kindness of McPherson’s citizens.

Due to the moderate temperatures yesterday and turning much colder overnight, citizens should be aware of snow drifts and windrows of snow along the streets and at drive entrances, if struck can be hard enough to cause damage to vehicles.

We will continue to try and address troubled accumulation areas as best as possible in preparation for potential additional snow that may arrive later in the week.

Public works and the City of McPherson would like to thank the citizens for their patience and understanding as we continue our efforts to clear the streets. Please drive safe and buckle up.