Snyder won't worry what talking heads say

By Steve Sell
February 06, 2014

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder isn’t prone to outbreaks of laughter. He’s the epitome of calm, cool and collected. In fact, he doesn’t really smile much.

And the detailed Snyder doesn’t ever waste a minute of his time. Which is why he probably paid no attention to the ESPN-U dog-and-pony show that is the National Signing Day, which seemingly aired endlessly on Wednesday.

If Snyder had watched the drivel coming from the overpaid talking heads that fawned over every signing, he would have chuckled.

At the time I was watching, Snyder’s recruiting class ranked No. 10 in the 10-team Big 12. Do you think he’s going to lose sleep over that? Oh I forgot, the man DOESN’T sleep, or so legend has it.

Kansas’ latest recruiting class was at one point ranked No. 7 in the Big 12, but wait! TCU picked up a late commitment from the No. 255 player in the country or whatever and the Horned Frogs leapt over the Jayhawks, dropping them to No. 8. Wow, I didn’t know the No. 255 recruit was going to be that much of a game-changer.

This whole National Signing Day ceremony stuff is just too much over the top. It’s pretty much standard now that a recruit sits at a table with a number of hats in front of him, then puts on the hat of the school he chooses. It’s almost like the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest. We’ve seen it all before and we’re tired of it. Been there, done that.

Then the commentators come on and say, “the fans of (insert name of your favorite school) are probably not going to sleep tonight because they are so excited to have Johnny Prospect on their team.” Give me a break.

Getting back to Snyder, do you think it bothered him when Jordy Nelson and Tyler Lockett weren’t ESPN Top 100 prospects? Do you think he’ll believe this season is going to be a bust because the so-called experts said that KU’s class was better? Does anyone really think Kansas has even a prayer against Kansas State this year?

I rest my case.

Snyder will do what Snyder always does. He’ll have an under-the-radar recruiting class that he and his staff will coach up and produce the usual eight to 11 victories. The Wildcats will be in the Big 12 title hunt and make a bowl game. And they’ll finish higher than KU or Iowa State, both of which had more decorated recruiting classes.

I know ESPN needs shows like these as it’s nothing more than a full-blown hype machine of six hours and there are hundreds of thousands who watch this train wreck But if you take a look at the NFL Pro Bowl rosters, how many of the selections were ESPN Top 100 picks? Again, this is all conjecture. 

Will the No. 28-rated player this year actually be better than No. 78? How do these raters figure out their order anyway? What are the determining factors?

Texas is the perfect example of how trivial this is. The Longhorns have had several top-drawer recruiting classes the last few years, but have underachieved and cost Mack Brown his job. 

But as long as there’s ESPN, there will be shows like this. Remember, though, most of these recruits don’t make that much of an impact and many of them are redshirted. It’s all for show and blow.