HOME Grant Funds remain available

By Nick Gosnell
February 10, 2014

As Mid Kansas Online first reported earlier this month, a quarter million dollars in SCKEDD HOME Grant Funds remain available for McPherson County Owner Occupied Residences.

To qualify for the HOME Housing Rehabilitation Program, you must meet the following criteria:

For every $1 spent on the home, its value must increase $.75.

The program is available only to homeowners.

The homeowner must not exceed income eligibility limits.

A three-year lien is filed against the property for the value of the improvements.

The scope of work is determined by a SCKEDD inspector.

Taxes and insurance must be current.

This is not a remodeling program. Items such as carpeting, countertops, air conditioning, and cabinets rarely qualify.

For More Information Contact:

Chris Goodson at (620) 241-7828 extension 11

Edye Leslie at (620) 245-2538 or

SCKEDD at 1-800-326-8353

To find out more information you can go to www.sckedd.org/grants/home-housing-rehabilitation-program/