City passes Event Planning Form at Monday meeting

By Nick Gosnell
February 17, 2014

If you're interested in having an event in McPherson, now there is a form for you to fill out to use City services or venues.

The McPherson City Comission passed the format of the form unanimously at its Monday meeting.

The form, which was a project of City Management Intern Bo Moddlemog, is to be submitted at least two weeks prior to any event so that the information can be passed on to the different City departments for approval.

Passage of the form included passage of five potential in town 5K routes for run/walk events. These are the only in town routes for such events that will be accepted.

One starts at McPherson Hospital, one at the McPherson Opera House, one at the Water Park parking lot, one at the YMCA, and one at McPherson High School.

If you are holding a run-walk event in McPherson, any paint used to mark routes on the City streets must be water-soluble paint.

Moddlemog said he is working on a fillable form to be posted at the city website so that it can be emailed back to the city.

Until that form is completed, you may pick up a copy of the new McPherson City Event Planning Form at the City offices at 401 East Kansas Avenue during regular business hours.