Match Day for McPherson County Community Foundation coming up March 5

By McPherson County Community Foundation
February 18, 2014

Match Day on Wednesday, March 5, holds incredible opportunity for 18 organizations with endowment funds. On that day, McPherson County Community Foundation will match donations made to their endowment funds—their long-term savings—and with your help, they could potentially receive a $6,000 match.

Here’s how Match Day works: Start by coming to the event and making a donation.

Date:            Wednesday, March 5

Time:           7 am – 6 pm

Place:           McPherson County Community Foundation, 206 S. Main

Matching funds will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there are 20 nonprofits competing for the $30,000 total pot ($6,000 max per organization).

Matching funds could run out at some point during the day, so plan to come early. But if you can’t make it in the morning, come when it’s convenient because your favorite organization could win cash prizes for bringing in the most donors throughout the day. For a complete list of prizes,

Individual contributions ranging from $25 to $2,000 per organization will be matched at $.50 per $1, so a donation of $2,000 can receive a $1,000 match. Of course, your favorite organization will gladly accept donations greater than $2,000!

In order to receive a match, cash, check made payable to McPherson County Community Foundation or a credit card payment must be med in person at the Foundation office on March 5.  A separate form will be used to indicate which endowment(s) will benefit.   

Building endowments for nonprofits is critical for their future, but they still face monthly expenses. So they still need contributions to their annual campaigns. Match Day is a one-time opportunity to dig deeper, to grow the endowment exponentially, so that they can enrich the people served and programs administered for even greater impact.

This is a one-time chance to multiply the difference they make, and it’s truly a missed opportunity if they don’t take full advantage. Your gift is vital for helping them maximize the match. For a complete list of organizations, go