Concern about stone in First Street roundabout raised at City Commission

By Nick Gosnell
February 24, 2014

McPherson resident Denny Walters came to the Public Input session at the McPherson City Commission meeting Monday morning with a question about the stones in the roundabout on First Street. He expressed a concern that was told to him about drivers being unable to see across the roundabout because of the stonework that is being installed there as a part of the Front Porch Project.

Mayor Tom Brown said, "We have checked with KDOT, and I also had an opportunity to talk with the Nebraska Department of Transportation. The preference is not to be able to see all the way across a roundabout. If you're looking at what's all the way across, you're not looking at what's to your immediate right and to your immediate left. I have driven that on two complaints that I have received, and I have asked the chief to look at it. There is plenty of room to see the immediate traffic."

The plan is to set the stones in their final configuration as soon as the contractor can get their big crane up here from Hutchinson to take care of the work.