Two McPherson County facilities among those with three years of Zero Deficiencies inspections

By Kansas Advocates for Better Care
March 07, 2014

51 of the state’s 318 licensed “stand alone” (not attached to a nursing home) assisted-type adult care facilities have received zero (0) deficiencies over their three most recent consecutive health inspections. 

The “stand alone” adult care homes included are assisted living (ALF), residential health care (RHCF), home plus (HP) or boarding care home (BCH) facilities.

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability (KDADS) Services is responsible for completing facility health inspections annually. Inspections are conducted by specially trained teams of nurse surveyors.

The facilities referenced in this release are regulated only by the state (no federal regulation).  Far fewer regulatory requirements govern the critical areas of resident health and safety including qualifications of facility operators, amount and type of nursing staff, and care standards for elders than in nursing facilities, even though some offer similar levels of care. 

The data in this release is taken from actual inspection reports purchased by Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) from KDADS. It is current as of February 10, 2014.

The deficiencies for these facilities range from zero to 25.  KDADS says the state average for ALF, RHCF and HP is 3.2 deficiencies during the first three quarters of 2013.  (BCH are not included in the average.) 

Kansas Advocates for Better Care publishes information about licensed adult care homes in Kansas in order to provide the public and consumers with important information about the quality of long-term care. 

In Kansas, there are 102 assisted living/residential health care facilities which are attached to nursing homes.  Those facilities are not included in this list.

The four types of facilities in the categories of ALF, RHCF, HP and BCH are significantly less regulated by the state, and have no federal regulation in contrast to nursing homes. 

The rationale for lesser regulation rests on the original intent of assisted living settings which was to provide minimal care to the low-care-need adults who lived in them.  Many assisted living type facilities are caring for persons with Alzheimer’s and complex medical conditions through the end of a person’s life, however health and safety regulations governing care have not kept up with these changes in practice.  

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact KABC via email: [email protected] or call us toll-free: 800-525-1782.  

You can find State assisted living facility regulations on the KDADS website:

To learn more about who can live in assisted living type facilities, read KABC’s ;; (Please note that Home Plus facilities can now house up to 12 residents, rather than the 8 indicated in the booklet.)

Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) encourages consumers to look at a number of factors when evaluating long-term care settings and support, as a place to live and/or receive care.  Annual inspection survey results are one of those factors, and one of the few provided by an objective third party.  If you have questions, please call KABC toll-free: 800-525-1782.  KABC is a 501 c 3 non-profit. Our mission since 1975 is “Advocating for Quality Long-Term Care” for frail and elderly residents of nursing homes and other licensed care facilities.  For more than 36 years KABC has served Kansas citizens by:

•    Advocating for improvements in care in all long-term settings.

•    Providing citizens guidance, education and advocacy when seeking long-term care placement or services,

•    Providing education to care providers in long-term care settings, and

•    Encouraging adoption of the “person-centered care” model of delivering health care services.

If you, your family or a friend is in need of information about long-term care choices, please call for assistance, toll-free (outside of Lawrence): 800-525-1782, or 842-3088 (in Lawrence), email us at [email protected] or

Facilities with Zero Deficiencies for 3 consecutive years:

Sterling House II                                   Abilene

The Gran Villas                                    Atchison

Vintage Park                                        Baldwin City

Keen Boarding Care Home                 Clay Center

Assisted Living at Windsor Place        Coffeyville

Assisted Living at Windsor Place, LLC        Coffeyville

The Autumn Place                              Columbus

Sterling House                                    Derby

Vintage Place                                     El Dorado

Sterling House                                   Emporia

Vintage Park                                      Hiawatha

Fort Scott Presbyterian Village          Fort Scott

Franklin House                                  Fort Scott

Vintage Park                                      Fredonia

Sterling House                                   Hays

Vintage Park                                      Hiawatha

The Pines                                          Hiawatha

Country Place Senior Living              Hoisington

Vintage Park                                     Holton

Glenn Moore Meadows                     Holton

Waldron Place                                  Hutchinson

The Gansel House                            Independence

Heartland Haven Home Plus             Inman

Sterling House                                 Junction City

Coopers Home Care #2                   Lawrence

Harmony Adult Care Home              McPherson

Linnwood Park of Meridan North      Meridan

Vintage Park                                    Neodesha

Redbud Plaza Assisted Living         Onaga

Vintage Park                                       Osage City

Vintage Park                                       Osawatomie

Village West                                    Ottawa

Vintage Park                                       Ottawa

The Gables                                        Overland Park

Seniorcare Homes Waveny Park       Overland Park

Vintage Park                                       Paola

Guest Home Estates IV                   Pittsburg

Dignity Care Home                          Salina

Shawnee Heartland                            Shawnee

The Sweet Life                                   Shawnee

Independent Living                            Smith Center

Clare Bridge                                      Topeka

Vintage Park                                      Wamego

Mary Martin’s Retirement                   Wichita

Meadowlark Adult Care Home 2       Wichita

Meadowlark Adult Care Home 3       Wichita

Meadowlark Adult Care Home 5       Wichita

Reflection Living, LLC                      Wichita

Marjorie’s Home LLC                       Wichita

Caring Hearts for Senior Living       Wichita

Clare Bridge                                       Wichita