MAC Wrestling Club has great weekend

By Steve Sell
March 17, 2014

LINDSBORG — It was a bountiful day for the MAC Wrestling Club Saturday in the District III Sub-District Tournament at Smoky Valley High School.

The qualifiers move on to this week’s district event, which will be held Saturday at the Roundhouse.

1st — Tucker Pelnar, 8-and-under, 58; Jaytin Gumm, 8-and-under, 70; Landon Thompson, 8-and-under, 80; Jonah Scott, 10-and-under, 130; Aaron Handlin, 10-and-under, 150; Austin Eldredge, 14-and-under, 105.

2nd — Logan Peterson, 8-and-under, 49; Treytin Pelnar, 8-and-under, 52; Ryder Norstrom, 8-and-under, 76; Lorenzo Cruzen, 10-and-under, 64; Devin Frantz, 10-and-under, 100; Landon Frantz, 12-and-under, 110; Kaleb Jost, high school, 170.

3rd — Elijah Clarke, 8-and-under, 76; Collin Pearson, 10-and-under, 67; Mya Kretzer, 12-and-under, 100.

4th — Neill Raymond, 10-and-under, 76; Jonah Bratcher, 12-and-under, 76; Mason Thrash, 12-and-under, 130; Luke Thompson, 14-and-under, 135; Michael Mendez, 14-and-under, 140; Kobe Unruh, high school, 160.

5th — Jadeon Bratcher, 10-and-under, 67; Tyson Gottwald, 12-and-under, 96; Nolan Schrader, 14-and-under, 115; Noah Bratcher, 14-and-under, 125.

6th — Jaedon Bratcher, 12-and-under, 72; Seth Morgan, 12-and-under, 88; Lane Thompson, 12-and-under, 165; Colten Eldredge, 12-and-under, 190.

Also participating were Leland Hept, Jaela Thompson, Kyden Thompson and Jaquez Hill.

On Sunday, MAC also will be hosting the USA Wrestling Kansas Girls State Championships at Pyle Complex on the campus of Central Christian College. Anyone interested in helping, please call Lance or Lennie Engel at 620-241-5679.