Love's preliminary plan approved by City Commission

By Nick Gosnell
March 24, 2014

The City of McPherson came one step closer on Monday to approving a new Love's Country Store off of Highway 56 just east of Exit 60.

As part of Monday morning's City Commission agenda, McPherson City Zoning administrator Tom Steinmetze brought Love's Planned Unit Development request before the Commission.

Steinmetze explained, "A Planned Unit Development is kind of a unique instrument. It is a combination of a zoning case which creates a unique zoning district and a plat, which you won't actually hear until shortly after next month's Planning Commission meeting. The original action on a PUD is to establish the actual Planned Unit Development district and then adopt what is called a preliminary Planned Unit Development plan."

The preliminary plan included just one entry point off of Highway 56 for both the trucks and cars to enter Love's, as that was all that KDOT would approve at this time.

There will be a 750 foot patch of currently undeveloped land between the proposed truck stop and the houses on the other side of 17th Avenue. There is no current entrance from 17th Avenue listed as part of the preliminary PUD plan.

Included in the preliminary plan are gas pumps for cars, gas and diesel pumps for semitrucks, a tire shop and wrecker service for the trucks along with ample truck and car parking, and a convenience store and restaurant.

At this point, the restaurant is anticipated to be either a Burger King or a Hardee's, but those arrangements have yet to be finalized.

Also included is screening via an earthen berm to keep the truck lights out of the houses on the other side of 17th Avenue.