Meals on Wheels volunteer experience is easy and fun

By Ann Engel
April 04, 2014

Today, Mary Steffes and I delivered Meals on Wheels for the very first time. I am writing this, not to say "yeah us" but because I have thought of doing this many times, but had a few reservations, so I thought I would share the experience in case anyone else was wondering about the process.

Here is how it works: We pulled up outside the door at the hospital at 11am, Mary went inside and Connie Grennan helped load the cart with our meals. It was wheeled out the door, we put it in the car (9 meals, a bag with mini-milk cartons and wrapped bread slices) grabbed our list and headed out. The route is clearly marked, in delivery order and the meals are stacked in order as well.

We pulled up at the first house, we each grabbed a meal, a milk, & a slice of wrapped bread and went to the door. Mary's person had the door open and ready as were most of the places. Mine was locked so I knocked, she let me in and told me where to put the tray, I picked up the empty and left. We finished up and it was 11:35. We were done, returned the empty trays to the cart outside the door at the hospital, and rolled it back inside, 11:45.

I was amazed at how fast it went, how well organized, and everything ready to go!

So, if you would like to sign up to deliver, just call Meals on Wheels, 620-241-5238 or email [email protected] They really need YOUR help.