BC dealt crucial softball setbacks

By Steve Sell
April 20, 2014

LINDSBORG — Saint Mary handed Bethany College a pair of crushing softball setbacks on Saturday, as the Swedes have hit the skids late in the season after being in the KCAC title hunt.

Bethany, which has lost five of its last eight, dropped 11-6 and 11-8 verdicts to the Spires. The Swedes, at one time 7-1 in the KCAC, are now 10-6 and fell to 29-22 overall. Bethany wraps up regular-season play Tuesday at Ottawa, which is tied with Kansas Wesleyan for the conference lead.

In the opener, Saint Mary scored six times in the third to catapult it to the victory. The Swedes committed an uncharacteristic six errors.

Bethany hit the ball well enough to win, pounding out 12. Ashley Nicolich, Mariana Cerenio-Jordan, Ashley Montoya and Jasmine Zaker all had two each.

Kiersten Stolley took the loss.

The Swedes led the second game 2-0 before the roof caved in as Saint Mary had back-to-back five-run innings in the third and fourth. Bethany did make a late charge, but it fell short.

Again, the Swedes hit the ball well enough with 12, led by three by Zaker. Jordan Blakesley hit a home run.

Stephanie Minder took the loss. Bethany had six more errors as its fielding wasn’t up to usual standards.

“We struggled to give ourselves an opportunity to win today," Bethany coach Janice Esses said. "We did not do things to help us be successful. We need to have everyone step up in games like this, defensively and offensively. We cannot rely on the same people to get the job done. We have to have everyone step up.”


Kansas Wesleyan, 13-3

Ottawa, 13-3

Friends, 10-6

Saint Mary, 10-6

Bethany, 10-6

Tabor, 8-8

Southwestern, 7-9

McPherson College, 6-10

Sterling, 2-14

Bethel, 1-15