U.S. Senator Jerry Moran in McPherson County Tuesday

By Nick Gosnell
April 22, 2014

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran spent most of Tuesday in McPherson County. Moran visited Lindsborg Community Hospital Tuesday morning and Mid Kansas Online asked him to outline some of the differences in health care in Kansas that he has to explain to his Senate colleagues.

Moran said, "We have 127 hospitals in our state. I have visited each and every one of them, many of them numerous times. In fact, now as a United States Senator, I am making the rounds once again."

In Moran's opinion, little more is important to the Kansas quality of life than access to health care.

Moran said, "The issues here are huge, because I'm of the view if we lose our access to health care in places like McPherson or Lindsborg or Moundridge, we begin to lose our community. Young people can't take the risk of raising their families where there is not access to health care."

Health care is also a major need for the elderly. Moran added. "Senior citizens that comprise a significant portion of our population, reluctantly decide they have to move away to a place where there is doctors and hospitals. In the absence of our ability to keep health care alive and well in places across our state, we begin to lose our communities."

Moran is a member of the United States Senate's committee on Appropriations, which oversees the funding for the office of Health and Human Services. The committee is chaired by Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski.