Central Christian College Board of Trustees excited about future

By Central Christian College
April 25, 2014

The Central Christian College (CCC) Board of Trustees met recently on campus in McPherson for their regularly scheduled spring meeting. The Board reaffirmed their commitment to the mission and vision of the College, embraced the President's work towards the strategic plan and 2035 vision, and showed excitement for Central Christian's continued and expanded involvement in the McPherson community.

Central Christian's strategic plan includes both long and short term goals that work together towards a 2035 vision of 600 residential students, 12,000 online students, becoming a top 10 institution for Christ-centered athletics, and a $120 million endowment with a 3.0 Composite Financial Index (CFI). Central Christian College is dedicated to their mission of a Christ-centered education for character. The vision of CCC is to be a premier educational center, providing a distinctive Christian educational experience resulting in the development of personal character, public service and global impact.

The four outcome criteria CCC uses to gauge the institution's achievement in the fulfillment of its mission and vision are as follows:

1) Fit Hearts (Socially Responsible: cultural & relational)

2) Fit Souls  (Spiritually Responsive: spiritual & environmental)

3) Fit Minds  (Rationally Competent: intellectual & psychological)

4) Fit Bodies (Professionally Astute: physical & vocational)

The CCC Board is excited about the plans for student growth, including the Higher Learning Commission's approval for distance education courses and programs, with no restrictions. The approval, granted through the Higher Learning Commission's Board action in February will allow additional courses and programs to be added to CCC's current online offerings.

The CCC Board also affirmed the additional connections with the McPherson community through LLC ventures with The Well (downtown coffee shop and book store), Two Tigers and a Truck (service company) and Kids Kampus (daycare). After remodeling work is completed this summer, the Kids Kampus daycare will move to the CCC campus facility in order to care for an additional number of McPherson area children.

CCC has a long history of excellent leadership and confirmed their belief in the current campus team. With a unanimous vote of confidence from the Board, President Hal Hoxie was offered a long term contract. President Hoxie commented, "Kathy and I have enjoyed being a part of the McPherson community for the past four years and we look forward to continuing to serve at Central Christian College and support our community."

Board of Trustees Chair Gary Anderson noted, "The CCC Board is committed to the mission of the College and to supporting President Hoxie, the administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni and McPherson community. We are proud of Central Christian's 100-year heritage in McPherson and we look forward to the changes that are on the horizon and President Hoxie's ability to govern and lead!"