Pick of Ford not exactly overwhelming

By Steve Sell
May 09, 2014

“With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select....”

Drumroll please.

Dee Ford!

Talk about the bubbly going out of the champagne.

Dee Ford. That’s right. Not a wide receiver like Marqise Lee. Not Johnny Football who somehow confoundedly, was still available. Not another big name, which were still aplenty at the time.

No, Dee Ford.

Ford reportedly is an awesome pass rusher from Auburn, though he has injury concerns. It’s also murky where exactly he’ll play, defensive end or linebacker. It’s clear now after this year that the Chiefs won’t have Tamba Hali (age issues, huge contract) or Justin Houston (won’t be affordable, although the Chiefs could use the franchise tag on him).

Those around the NFL are giving the Chiefs a mild thumbs-up for the move. I guess it makes sense.

But we were left wanting so much more.

Lee, who I thought would be the Chiefs’ pick since they’re starving for wide receiver help, somehow is still out there, so maybe he has an issue we don’t know about. He’s thought to be an instant starter. I don’t know how the Chiefs can go into another season with so little explosiveness at wide receiver, which is where it’s all at offensively now in the NFL. Running backs no longer rule, not one was chosen in Thursday’s opening round. They’re considered a dime a dozen.

I wonder how tempted the Chiefs were to take Johnny Football. After all, it’s no sure thing that Alex Smith and the KC brass will eventually reach an agreement for a new deal. He’s also not exactly young (31). Backup Chase Daniel had his 15 minutes of fame last season against San Diego, but I wouldn’t trust him in a full-time role. Too small and too small of an arm.

The Chiefs, unless they make a trade in the next 12 hours, have no second-round pick. By the time they pick in the third round, the top receivers will be gone. It will be another year of watching Dewayne Bowe underachieve and perhaps get arrested, Donnie Avery dropping easy passes and A.J. Jenkins trying to live up to being at one time picked in the first round by the 49ers, only to be a bust.

At least the Chiefs will have Dee Ford, whoever that it.