Updated storm information from McPherson County 911

By McPherson County 911
May 13, 2014

McPherson County Emergency Management Director Darren Frazier let Mid Kansas Online know on Tuesday that he had received some calls from Galva area residents asking whether or not Emergency Management is releasing information about damage to houses or structures in Galva area.

Apparently there have been some contractors telling potential customers that they were “notified” about their damage. Frazier says, "We do not release actual addresses to anyone, unless there has  been a disaster declared and only in conjunction with the home or property owner." If you have any questions about procedures following an emergency, feel free to call the McPherson County Emergency Management office at 245-1260.

Emergency Management has identified 121 property owners with some kind of reported damage from the May 7 event. Mostly roof, siding, windows and vehicles. There is not yet a solid dollar amount other than the schools reporting in Canton/Galva district at $150K. Based on the number of homes and structures the current estimate is over half a million dollars in damage from last Wednesday's storm in the Canton/Galva area.