City Commissioners vote to reorganize duties

By Nick Gosnell
May 27, 2014

The City of McPherson is restructuring the duties of its elected officials and its City Administrator, following the passage of a Charter Ordinance at the McPherson City Commission meeting on Tuesday.

Bob Moore, the Commissioner of Finance and Revenue prior to Tuesday's vote, will now be the Commissioner of Public Lands. He will oversee a Public Lands Director, to be hired later this year to replace retiring Parks Superintendent Paul Katzer. The new Public Lands Director will oversee the Golf Course Head Professional, Cemetery Sexton, Park Supervisor, and those in charge at the Community Building, Municipal Building and Water Park.

City Administrator Nick Gregory will continue to report to the City Commission as a whole and oversee the City Clerk and City Treasurer/Finance Director and be responsible for the day to day oversight of City finances. He will also be the primary liason person with all boards and commissions that do not have a Commissioner or the Mayor as part of that board or commission. Otherwise, the City Administrator is the secondary liason person behind the member of the commission that serves on that board.

The mayor, Thomas A. Brown, will continue to have primary responsibility for the oversight of the Division of Safety and Public Health. The Convention and Visitors Bureau will continue to be under the mayor. The primary responsibility for the Emergency Management and EMS will be the mayor's, as well.

The Streets and Utilities Division continues under current Commissioner of Streets and Utilities, Mike Alkire. There will be a staff person responsible for the Street Department, Sanitarian/Code Enforcement, Building Inspection, Planning and Zoning Director and Community Development Director. There is not currently a need for a Community Development Director, however, should that need arise, this is where that job function will report to. The Waste Water Treatment Superintendent will continue to be accountable to the Commissioner of Streets and Utilities.

If there are those that object to the reorganization of these duties, the proper redress is a petition for a referendum on the question. That petition would need signatures of at least ten percent of the amount of people who voted in the last city election, and that petition would need to be filed within the next sixty days. If you have any further questions on the reorganization, please call the City at (620) 245-2535.