Saturday's McPherson City Golf Tournament pairings

By Steve Sell
June 19, 2014

Here are Saturday’s pairings for the 31st annual McPherson City Golf Tournament, with the round being played at Rolling Acres:

• Morning •

• 9 a.m. shotgun start •

No. 1A — Craig Corrigan, Kurt Kinnamon, Alan Porter and Kelly Sorenson

No. 1B — Andy Hett, Travis Doile, Kyle Hawk and Russ Hefner

No. 2 — Luke Aichele, Kenan Warren, Zac Hoppes and Shelby Hoppes

No. 3 — Open

No. 4 — Mat Anderson, Ron Hamilton, Scott Davis and Jay Reissig

No. 5 — Jacob Lackey, Casey Cheek, Ben Cheek and Lenny Swaim

No. 6A — Nick Ikenberry, Chuck Singleton, Gordon Reimer and Ziya Gunay

No. 6B — Dennis Shaw, Bob Balding, David Lackey and Rich Penner

No. 7 — Dustin Smith, Joe DeMaio, Neal Williams and Jason Dingman

No. 8 — Daniel Mitchell, Zack Lock, Jason Shober and Maury Hoefer

No. 9 — Tim Schmidt, Kent Schmidt, Ed Bate and Brett Bate

• Afternoon •

• 1:30 p.m. shotgun start •

No. 1 — Jamie Piper, Monty Koehn, Tony Fawl and Treg Fawl

No. 2 — Jacob Reese, Brady Sherman, Kelly Blomberg and Wyatt Porter

No. 3 — Open

No. 4 — Taylor Bersuch, Shawn Buckbee, Eric Van Campen and Jeff Clark

No. 5 — Tom Goldsmith, Bill Gately, Rick Davison and Jeff Warren

No. 6 — Jim Adams, Greg Jermark, Larry Kavouras and Terry Malm

No. 7 — Al Geren, Brad Geren, Corey Bruce and Colby Geren

No. 8 — Tom Depperschmidt, Bill Ferguson, Doug Cutting and Jared Hageman

No. 9 — Mark Wash, Steve Sell, Greg Warren and Kaden Warren

• Note — A final determination about having a Senior’s Flight was scheduled to be made later today. If there are enough entries, pairings will be posted.