Retiring Park Department director Paul Katzer honored at City Commission meeting

By Nick Gosnell
June 23, 2014

McPherson City Park Department director and City Forester Paul Katzer is retiring at the end of June, and this was his final City Commission meeting to be present as a department head. As part of that, Commissioner Bob Moore gave Katser a plaque for his years of service to the community.

Katzer said, "I did want to take just a moment to thank City Commissioners current and past for all the support they have given me in my entire career. They took a chance on a 25 year old coming out of K-State. Our plan was to come here, learn a lot of stuff and head out. To be honest, my wife and I found this community so fantastic that we just stayed for 37 years and raised our family here. We love McPherson. I want to thank the community for all the support they have given me over the years. I've had fantastic members on my Park Board and Tree Board, so many that I'm not going to name them, because then I'll forget somebody and feel bad.

Katzer didn't want a big deal made of his retirement.

"I did request nothing, because I'm already sweating from just receiving the plaque. Thank you so much for all the years that you've put up with me, and I appreciate all that everyone has done for me."

Katzer received a standing ovation from the crowd at the City Commission meeting when his plaque was presented.