MHS, Hesston sports fans urged to vote in "Catchys"

By Steve Sell
July 18, 2014

McPherson and Hesston sports fans are asked to make a final push in the seventh annual “Catchy Awards.”

There is one week left in the voting, which ends July 25. Go to  and vote.

McPherson High’s boys basketball team is dueling with Buhler’s football team for 2013-14 Team of the Year. At last count, McPherson was trailing.

McPherson High’s Kyler Kinnamon was trailing Goddard Eisenhower’s Trevon Evans for top basketball player.

MHS did have a leader as twins Ryan and Peter Horton were ahead for best tennis player or doubles team of the year.

Hesston’s Ryan Schadler is up for two honors, Football Player of the Year and Track and Field Athlete of the Year.

Hesston’s girls basketball team is up for 3A Team of the Year. The school also is up for Story of the Year for winning three sports state championships.

Vote early. Vote often.