Brownback touts first term record at Tuesday fundraiser in McPherson

By Nick Gosnell
July 22, 2014

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback visited the McPherson Museum on Tuesday evening as part of a fundraiser for his re-election campaign.

Mid Kansas Online had a chance to ask the Governor what he felt was his greatest accomplishment in his first term.

Brownback said, "We have more people working in Kansas now than ever in the history of the state. When I ran, I talked about, we need to get this state growing again. We are up on personal income and family income with that record employment level. Fifty-five thousand new private sector jobs since I've been in office."

Brownback managed to do this while decreasing the number of state government employees.

He said, "We're actually down at state government, but up in the private sector. And, we're up on teachers. We're up nearly 650 teachers from when I started at K-12."

K-12 education is the largest portion of the state's budget, and in terms of dollars spent, it is growing.

Brownback said, "We've put more money in it. We're at record levels of money that the State of Kansas has put into K-12, that we're spending on a per-capita basis. We're emphasizing reading at pre 4th grade. We've put extra funds in to target kids that are reading below grade level. And then, we've put technical education money in. We've got a two hundred percent increase in technical education enrollment. The State of Kansas stepped up and said, while you're in high school, we'll pay for 100 percent of your technical education."

Brownback added, "Education is the core function of state government. It's where we spend more money than anything else, and it's going to continue to be for me in a second term."