Senate candidate Wilborn visits Crimestoppers meeting

By Nick Gosnell
July 28, 2014

Rick Wilborn, candidate for the State Senate in district 35, recently stopped by the

monthly meeting of McPherson County Crimestoppers.

This July marks the 28th year since the founding of the McPherson County Crimestoppers.

Business leaders from McPherson county along with law enforcement officials

make up the board.

The Crimestoppers organization enjoys great community


The organization has solved literally hundreds of crimes and has

recovered thousands of dollars of stolen property.

Rick Wilborn along with several other local leaders were instrumental in founding the organization

in 1986.

If you have information about criminal activity, you can call the McPherson County Crimestoppers locally at 241-1122 or toll free at 1-800-241-8118.