County Treasurer asking those with work due to come in ASAP

By Nick Gosnell
July 28, 2014

As Mid Kansas Online first reported last week, McPherson County Treasurer Brenda Becker is encouraging those with tag or title work due at the end of the month to get in as soon as possible, as they continue to have systems issues within the office. Becker said, "We're having issues with committing the transactions. It's taking longer and it's happening more and more."

So, how long will you have to wait? Becker said, "Renewals are a little quicker anyway. They probably take twenty to thirty minutes. Title work, on the other hand, can be over an hour, easy. Our office does charge a facility fee for actually coming in and doing work. So, if people who are renewing want to avoid that, they need to mail in their renewal."