McPherson County Attorney endorses Hobson for Senate

By David Page
July 28, 2014

I know Donald Hobson is committed to protecting life, preserving the family, and defending our 2nd Amendment rights.  More importantly, I know that Donald understands the meaning of these things and that he is not simply reciting campaign slogans.  Further, Donald has demonstrated his support of smaller, more efficient government by signing the Taxpayer’s Protection Pledge.  Finally, his twenty years of working to promote these conservative causes leaves little doubt as to his unwavering commitment to serve his fellow citizens.

I believe we need more citizens running for public office—we need honest citizens who are more concerned with serving others and less concerned with serving themselves; we need citizens with integrity who will work toward whatever is in the best interest of our communities and not for whatever is in the best interest of their friends.  Donald is exactly the type of citizen we need in public office; it is both my pleasure and my honor to endorse Donald Hobson for Kansas State Senate District #35.

David A. Page

McPherson County Attorney