Letter from Chief Robert McClarty regarding dogs in the City of McPherson

By Robert McClarty
July 28, 2014

Recently, several citizens have reached out to me with the same concern for ‘Dogs running at large’ and I wanted to address the situation with the larger community. Unfortunately, lately both locally and regionally we have experienced an increase of negative human vs. dog interactions. I wanted to remind everyone about the responsibility of dog owners in the City of McPherson.

Per our City’s ordinance dogs may not run at large in the City of McPherson. "At large” means off the premises of the owner and not under the control of the owner or a member of the immediate family, either by leash, cord, chain, or otherwise. The owner of any dog found running at large shall be guilty of a Class C violation, which is punishable by a fine as determined by the Municipal Judge and/or jail time up to 30 days depending on the number of prior offenses by the dog owner –not the dog.

Additionally, while we are experiencing a break in the extreme temperatures this week, summer weather is a cause of concern for all who must be outside –pets too! Dogs running at large are at particular risk for dehydration and exposure on top of the increased likelihood of being struck by a vehicle or caught unaware by local wildlife –snakes, raccoons, coyotes, etc.

Please do what you can to make sure your animal doesn’t end up taking a ride with us to the shelter. McPherson Police Department and McPherson Animal Shelter do the utmost to make this transition a safe one. While it may be frustrating for you and traumatic for your dog, it is still our enforcement responsibility per the same ordinance and it’s one way of many we are charged with protecting and serving the community we live in. Help us protect our community and serve your neighborhoods by keeping your dog on its leash –where it’s safest!

Take care and stay safe,

Robert D. McClarty

Chief of Police