McPherson, Moundridge hospitals seeking tax increase

By Staff Reports
July 30, 2014

The McPherson Sentinel reported in its Tuesday edition that McPherson Hospital and Mercy Hospital in Moundridge are seeking county-wide sales tax support for their operational costs.

The half-cent sales tax issue would be placed on the November ballot and would sunset after 10 years. The current sales tax rate for Moundridge and McPherson is 8.15 percent.

Lindsborg Community Hospital has decided not to participate in the sales tax initiative.

McPherson Hospital recently launched a three-phase capital improvement program. These funds would not be used to augment that program, but rather to support operational costs at the hospital. McPherson Hospital President Rob Monical told the Sentinel, "We can't do our facilities and not invest in our human capital."

McPherson Hospital is one million dollars in the red this year alone. Marsha Silver, hospital board member, told the Sentinel, "The hospital is struggling, and we have been working hard to keep the doors open. This is the next step. We must ask for help from the county."