BPU reminds public of tree trimming policy

By Nick Gosnell
July 31, 2014

McPherson BPU crews are doing some tree trimming on some of their primary lines in McPherson.

BPU General Manager Tim Maier said, "BPU takes care of tree trimming around our primary lines, so, the lines that typically run up and down the alleys. But, the secondary service line that goes from the alley to a person's house, we typically do not trim those trees."

Maier did say, however, that if a homeowner wants to trim the trees that affect their secondary lines, it's best to call ahead and let BPU know so they can shut off power to that line. Maier said, "If a customer would like to, we'd be more than happy to come out, take the line down, allow them to trim the tree, and then we'll put the line back up."

If you'd like to set an appointment with BPU so that you can trim your trees, call them at (620) 245-2515.