McPherson Police Department warns of 'spoofing' scams

By McPherson Police Department
August 04, 2014

Recently, the McPherson Police Department Investigations Bureau has heard from many in our community receiving unusual phone calls. These folks report they are receiving “local” calls or even calls from their own number according to caller ID where the caller requests financial/personal information.

This practice, known as “Spoofing”, is when callers falsify the info (name/number) displayed on Caller ID.

Please be aware of those who would take advantage of you by claiming to be a financial institution, government entity or even a friend or family member. Keep your personal info PERSONAL. Do not provide information to a caller who may only be posing as a financial representative or government agent. Instead, call the company yourself using the numbers provided with your billing info, in the phonebook, or at the company/agency website.

Report spoofing when it happens to the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC or file a complaint at

Visit the Federal Communications Commission for more info at: