KCAC football coaches, media differ on 2014 champion

By Steve Sell
August 06, 2014

WICHITA — Imagine that — the KCAC football coaches and media not agreeing.

Or maybe they’re agreeing to disagree, depending on your point of view.

During Wednesday’s KCAC Media Day at the Courtyard Marriott in Old Town, the coaches and media disagreed as to the winner of the conference’s football race this season.

Defending champion Sterling was the choice of the coaches to repeat, while the media went for Ottawa.

In fact, the coaches and media disagreed on each of the top four spots. The coaches went for Sterling, Tabor, Friends and Ottawa. The media countered with Ottawa, Friends, Tabor and Sterling.

As for local schools Bethany College and McPherson College, the Swedes were picked sixth by the coaches and tied for sixth with the Bulldogs by the media. Second-year Bethany coach Manny Matsakis, whose team tied for last place last year, apparently was the big winner of the recruiting race, as the Swedes have nearly 140 players on their roster, including 68 freshmen.

McPherson, which has a first-year head coach in Steve Fox, tied with Kansas Wesleyan for seventh place in the coaches’ vote.

Here are the polls, with first-place votes in parentheses:


1. Sterling (5), 74

2. Tabor, (2), 69

3. Friends (2), 67

4. Ottawa (1), 66

5. Southwestern, 42

6. Bethany College, 40

7. McPherson College, 27 (tie)

7. Kansas Wesleyan, 27 (tie)

9. Saint Mary, 24

10. Bethel, 14


1. Ottawa (3) 156

2. Friends (5) 155

3. Tabor (7) 151

4. Sterling (3) 150

5. Southwestern, 91

6. Bethany, 66 (tie)

6. McPherson College, 66 (tie)

8. Saint Mary, 65

9. Kansas Wesleyan, 58

10. Bethel, 32

• Note — Be watching for Steve Sell’s ballot and a column about today’s Media Day on Thursday.