Hesston holds off TC, Muni to retain I-135 Cup

By Steve Sell
August 11, 2014

SALINA — Turkey Creek’s bid to recapture the I-135 Cup from Hesston came up just short Sunday afternoon, due in part to the third party involved.

Salina Muni defended its home course with ferocity to elbow its way into contention and make it a three-horse race.

However, Hesston scraped together just enough points to retain the Cup, while Turkey Creek and the Muni tied for second.

Hesston scored only 5 1/2 points on Sunday to up its total to 22, as it had entered the day a point up on Turkey Creek. Salina, which played with nothing to lose, piled up 10 1/2 points to finish with 20 1/2, the same total as Turkey Creek as the local team was held to 5.

Winning matches for The Creek were Bob Balding, Andy Hett, Matt Morrow and pro John Hastert.

Halving matches for a half-point were Cliff Hawkes and Steve Sell.

Hesston now has won back-to-back Cups for the second time. It captured the first two initial events before Turkey Creek took off to win three in a row. Salina has yet to capture a Cup.