New Report Shows Bethany College Adds $15.4 Million annually to regional economy

By Bethany College
August 11, 2014

According to a new study, Bethany College generates fifteen point four million dollars in new income each year for its region's economy. The overall added income created by Bethany College and its students supports 396 job equivalents in its service area and visitors attending various Bethany events spent one point three million dollars in the region.

The Bethany College economic impact study is part of a larger study, "Demonstrating the Economic Value of the Kansas Independent Colleges and Universities,' about which a story was posted on Mid Kansas Online earlier this summer.

"Bethany has always taken great pride in its positive contributions to the community and region," President Edward F. Leonard III said, "But, I think people will be very surprised when they see the actual impact that is detailed in this report."

Not only does Bethany make a positive impact on the regional economy, but the report also shows that it is a good investment for its students. According to the report, Bethany students receive $2.40 in higher future income for every dollar invested in a Bethany education.