Senate candidate comes to McPherson, backs Congressional reform

By Nick Gosnell
August 16, 2014

Independent candidate for US Senate Greg Orman was in McPherson on Friday night at Craft Coffee Parlor to introduce himself and talk to voters about his candidacy. Mid Kansas Online asked Orman about his Congressional Reform Plan, which would limit terms for Congressmen and Senators to twelve years, end Congressional pensions, enact a lifetime ban on lobbying for Members of Congress; and eliminate Leadership PACs.

Orman said, "It becomes a cop-out, in my mind, to say it takes eighteen years to solve this problem. I frankly think, if I can't solve it in twelve years, there are probably better people to solve the problem than me."

Orman's rationale for the lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress is this: "I don't think Congress should be a stepping stone to a six or seven figure job lobbying your former colleagues to get money out of the public treasury."

Orman's full Congressional Reform Plan and other information on his positions on issues are available at his website at