McPherson PD launches The Traffic Stop

By McPherson Police Department
August 19, 2014
Nick Gosnell

The McPherson Kansas Police Department is launching a new feature on their Facebook page called, “The Traffic Stop”.

On Tuesdays, as activity permits, they will address a topic dealing with traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson.

This feature is organized by the Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau. If you have a traffic enforcement question you’d like to see addressed in “The Traffic Stop” feel free to private message MPD on Facebook.

Be forewarned, there are several topics already lined up so it may be a bit.

Here is The Traffic Stop for 08/19/2014

Obedience to Authorized Persons Directing Traffic (Standard Traffic Ordinance #6, KSA 8-1503 Find the exact wording

The loose meaning is: Drivers are to follow any direction given by any authority (police or fire) to help traffic flow and safety. Failure to do so is a moving violation. In McPherson, the fine is $60, plus $75 Municipal Court Cost. If you see emergency personnel #MoveOver and look for direction from those outside of emergency vehicles at the scene of any collision, critical incident, or event which may cause traffic congestion.