Mohawk Road Interchange the highlight of over $20 million in KDOT projects in McPherson County

By Nick Gosnell
August 21, 2014

Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Mike King announced on Thursday afternoon at Krehbiel's Specialty Meats outside McPherson the planned construction of an interchange at I-135 and Mohawk Road as being on the schedule for bid letting in October of 2015, with work slated to begin in December of 2015.

King told Mid Kansas Online, "Depending on what the winter is like, and the rainfall, I would anticipate this being a one construction season project. So, I would say by Christmas of 2016, that project would be done or nearing completion."

This is a goal that the City of McPherson and the McPherson Industrial Development Company has had on its radar for decades. MIDC Board President Brett Reber told Mid Kansas Online, "This is a big deal. We've been in industrial and economic development efforts since the Interstate first came here. There was a need for another interchange. We hear it from prospects, we hear it from existing industries. They want this interchange. We've been saying, just hold off, it will happen."

The engineering study undertaken by MIDC ten years ago made this a 'shovel-ready' project when the latest transportation plan was proposed in 2010. This project, which is estimated to cost more than seven million dollars, is part of more than 20 million dollars worth of projects in McPherson County alone scheduled for construction in 2015 and 2016.