McPherson County Democrats heard from candidates Tuesday

By Nick Gosnell
August 26, 2014

McPherson County Democrats heard strong words from 73rd District House candidate Von Peterson and Secretary of State candidate Jean Schodorf on Tuesday evening in McPherson.

Peterson was first to speak at the event and he said, "I've watched what's gone on in the legislature, the last three years especially, and it just kept swelling up inside of me, you know, what they're doing is not right for everybody. They were giving breaks to just a special few people. And, nobody's standing up for the working class, our seniors, our kids, or anything else and they're throwing everybody under the bus."

Peterson believes that our seniors should be treated with more respect by the legislature.

He told the gathering, "I own the monument shop out here on West Kansas and I deal with people that have lost loved ones all the time. I've had more than one widow tell me that they cannot, between their insurance, their property tax, their supplemental health care insurance they have to buy, and their utilities, they're having to sell their house. They cannot make it on what they are getting on Social Security. Our seniors, after they have worked their whole life for what they have, nobody should have to worry about that."

Jean Schodorf, candidate for Secretary of State, believes that the person elected to that job should make it their primary focus, Schodorf said, "The office is in shambles because Mr. Kobach has been AWOL for three years and working several jobs besides the job he was hired to do. And so, specifically, I want to be a full-time Secretary of State for the people of Kansas only, to do the six hundred duties I am hired to do. And to do the business for the people of Kansas to help businesses, be a one-stop shop, to clean up and simplify the voter registration mess, and again, work for the people of Kansas, to be fair and impartial, and bring integrity back to the office."

According to the latest poll commissioned by KSN this week, Schodorf and Kobach are tied with 46 percent each and eight percent of voters for Secretary of State are undecided.