US Senator Jerry Moran tours MKC Canton facility

By Nick Gosnell
September 02, 2014

US Senator from Kansas Jerry Moran was in Canton on Tuesday to look over the new terminal project being built by Mid Kansas Coop.

Erik Lange, Director of Southern Operations, told Mid Kansas Online that the project is about eighty percent complete at this time and their goal is to put grain in the new elevator by November of this year.

The project was slated to start in August of 2013, but ended up being delayed until September of that year due to the wet weather last summer. The project is designed to keep both rail and truck traffic accessible to the site to give an opportunity for MKC's producers to get the best price for their commodities regardless of the shipping method.

In order to do that, a bridge had to be built to allow the trucks to get to the inside of the bins and move around on the quarter section MKC owns. Lange said, "We actually have a full loop circle track, it's continuous track that links in coming from the east or west into the main line. To do that, we had two options, either you put the facility on the outside, or you put the facility on the inside."

With the cost of the surrounding land, it was less expensive to put the bridge in and put the roads on the land MKC already had purchased.

Moran asked about the economic impact of the facility to McPherson County. Lange said, "Number one, we're going to be a provider of jobs in the area. This will be at least five jobs as the facility sits today. Number two, I think you look at the economic benefits it brings back to the local farmer producer. More profitability of the producer, more money to spend in the communities, and those guys tend to spend very locally."