Turkey Creek recaptures McPherson Cup

By Steve Sell
September 08, 2014

Turkey Creek returned the favor to McPherson Country Club this past weekend when it hosted the 10th annual McPherson Cup golf matches.

Turkey Creek, which was run off the course by MCC 22-10 last year, recaptured the Cup with a 24-8 victory. 

The format is based on the professional Ryder Cup, which gets under way later this month.

Turkey Creek jumped out to a 12 1/2-3 1/2 lead in team play on Saturday and then won 11 1/2 more points in the 16 singles matches on Sunday. It was the widest margin of victory in the history of the event.

Turkey Creek now holds a 7-3 advantage. The scene returns to McPherson Country Club in 2015.

• Saturday’s Results •

• Team Play •

• 2 Points Possible •

Jim Adams-Zac Hoppes (MCC) def. Stan Smith-Gordon Reimer (TC) 2-0

Dennis Shaw-Jack Rader (TC) def. Rick Anderson-Joe Ledell (MCC) 2-0

Bill Gately-Tom Goldsmith (TC) def. Brad Geren-Greg Jermark (MCC) 2-0

Chad Alexander-Jay Reissig (TC) def. Larry Kavouras-Greg Warren (MCC) 1 1/2-1/2

Gary Hess-Nick Ikenberry (TC) def. Tim Schmidt-Bill Ferguson (MCC) 2-0

Zack Lock-Mark Wash (TC) def. Jeff Warren-Rick Davison (MCC) 2-0

Kurt Kinnamon-Cliff Hawkes (TC) def. Terry Malm-Larry Bruce (MCC) 2-0

• Sunday’s Results •

• Singles Play •

Bob Balding (TC) def. Dennis Houghton (MCC), 1-up

Brad Geren (MCC) def. Dennis Shaw (TC) 4 & 2

Jess Arbuckle (MCC) def. Mat Anderson (TC) 2 & 1

Alan Porter (TC) def. Kent Schmidt (MCC) 8 & 7

Leland DeWild (MCC) def. Stan Smith (TC) 2 & 1

Rich Penner (TC) def. Larry Kavouras (MCC) 1-up

Gary Hess (TC) def. Tim Schmid (MCC) 3 & 2

Kelly Sorenson (TC) def. Ed Bate (MCC) 5 & 4

Bill Gately (TC) def. Greg Jermark (MCC) 5 & 4

Bill Ferguson (MCC) halved with Denis Everhart (TC)

Nick Ikenberry (TC) def. Terry Malm (MCC) 7 & 6

Mark Wash (TC) def. Jeff Warren (MCC) 1-up

Eric VanCampen (TC) def. Tom Depperschmidt (MCC) 3 & 2

Cliff Hawkes (TC) def. Rick Davison (MCC) 7 & 6

Jay Reissig (TC) def. Tim Karstetter (MCC) 3 & 1

Chad Alexander (TC) def. Larry Bruce (MCC) 2-up.