Commit to get Fit is back for its fifth year in McPherson

By Nick Gosnell
September 08, 2014

Commit 2 Get Fit Wellness Challenge is a collaborative effort by the McPherson Wellness Institute, City of McPherson, McPherson Family YMCA, the Hess Fitness Center and the McPherson Hospital. The wellness challenge is designed to encourage, educate and promote physical activity and healthy eating in McPherson.

The 5th Annual wellness challenge will take place from September 28th - November 1st, 2014.

Participants can join the challenge as individuals, part of their own team, or join a corporate team! You can sign up beginning September 14th at

If you would like to create a team, or can't find the team you are supposed to be on, simply sign up joining the "Starter Team" and email [email protected] to have your team added. You will then be able to change teams to your correct team!

Registrants can participate in as many activities as they choose in the Commit 2 Get Fit Wellness Challenge.

Points will be awarded for exercise and participation in Commit 2 Get Fit activities.

Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis to individuals and there will also be additional team awards!

Just for joining the challenge participants will receive access to our 5 local fitness centers, free Tai Chi classes, community walks, and educational speakers!

Points will be awarded for the following activities:

Attend Wellness Lecture  100 points

Exercise for 20 Minutes Daily 20 points

Eat 5 Cups of Fruits/Vegetables per day 20 points

Attend Community Walk and/or Tai Chi Class 50 points

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown said, "One of the ways that we save on future health costs is to become more fit."