City of McPherson spraying for mosquitoes Tuesday night, September 16

By McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory
September 15, 2014

In an effort to combat a significant mosquito breeding issue created by the moisture over the last several weeks the City of McPherson will be spraying for mosquitoes.  

With the expected break in the weather and with favorable winds forecasted on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 the City of McPherson intends to spray that evening.  Weather permitting a full spraying of the City will occur over the evening of September 16th, 2014.   The City will assess the need for additional spray events in the near future.  

Spraying will be performed in the evening starting between 9 -10 p.m. in public areas and continue throughout the evening.  

Residents, especially those with asthma or respiratory sensitivity,  should remain indoors during spraying.  

Residents should close windows, doors, and vents and turn off fans and window-unit air conditioners (or set to recirculate) to reduce indoor exposure, remove children’s toys and outdoor furniture from outside and/or wash them before using again, wash all produce, and wash skin and hair if exposed to the pesticide.

The City has been and will also be using Mosquito Dunks, larvicide tablets that can be dropped in standing water areas throughout public drainage areas across the City of McPherson.  

We appreciate the cooperation of citizens as we try to address any issues related to mosquitoes.